Leadership Coaching

Are you in a position of leadership and spend most of your day putting out fires or solving problems? Have you dedicated your time to managing others but haven’t allocated time to improve your performance? If so then Leadership Coaching may be for you.

Leadership Coaching focuses on bringing about behavioral change through a confidential and collaborative partnership between the leader and coach. The goal of the coaching relationship is to improve the qualities and characteristics of the leader as well as bring about healthy change and success to their organization. Leaders often include persons who occupy power positions including executives, managers, supervisors, team leaders, pastors, business owners, etc. Leadership Coaching helps the leader to hone their skills in order to perform at an optimal level through sharpening their talents and abilities.

  • Goals may include (but are not limited to):
  • Developing or improving the effectiveness of a leadership style
  • Work/life balance
  • Time Management, procrastination, and planning
  • Reprioritizing goals and expectations
  • Networking and presentation skills
  • Techniques to promote staff development
  • Increasing morale and career development
  • Manage performance expectations
  • Strengthen self-confidence, assertiveness, and overall wellbeing
  • Improve interpersonal communication skills with staff or executives
  • Conflict resolution for management and staff
  • Reigniting your passion to lead
  • Self-care and burnout prevention
  • Increasing overall quality of life (specific to Leadership)

Please contact me if you have additional questions. I welcome the opportunity to help you create the life that you were meant to live.

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